The 2022 general election is on Tuesday, November 8.

BERT PERELLO for Oxnard City Council, District 1#

Bert is the incumbent. He’s not incredibly pro-housing, but he has supported some recent projects and was the only member to vote against the extreme rent control law. His main competition is from NIMBY Douglas Partello.

GABE TERAN for Oxnard City Council, District 2#

Gabe is running for re-election. He’s been a major YIMBY ally, and we endorsed him for the third time. His main opponent is Tai Hartley, who led the NIMBY opposition to Riverpark’s rezoning (which Gabe supported).

VANESSA BENITEZ VALDEZ for Calleguas Municipal Water District, Division 4#

Valdez and Thibault Robert are running to replace Andres Santamaria. I couldn’t find any information on either candidate, but I could at least verify with Google that Valdez is a real person. I found nothing on Robert. The Greater Oxnard Organization of Democrats also endorsed Valdez, but didn’t provide a rationale (for her or any other candidate; also no questionnaire responses).

NO on Measure C#

Measure C would strengthen Oxnard’s term limits. Research suggests that term limits do not achieve their intended goals, and may worsen policymaking by keeping experienced leaders out of office.

YES on Measure I#

Measure I is a school bond. School funding and property taxes are good; school bonds do both.

JULIA BROWNLEY for U.S. Congress, District 26#

Brownley is the Democrat.

STEVE BENNETT for State Assembly, District 38#

Bennett is generally disappointing on housing, but he’s the Democrat and therefore likely to be better than his opponent, Republican Cole Brocato.

YES for all justices#

This is a silly process.