California Assembly District Election Meeting (ADEM)#

The ADEM elects delegates to the California Democratic Party, who control endorsements, platforms, and rules at the annual party convention. In Ventura County (AD37, AD38, and AD44), ADEM delegates also sit on the Central Committee, which performs the same function at the county level.

Read my op-ed in the VC Reporter for more info, as well as rationale for my own ADEM run in AD44.

If you live outside Ventura County, I recommend following endorsements from YIMBY Action and California YIMBY. The housing issue divides California Democrats, and YIMBY is on the right side.

Ventura County#

ADEM candidates in Ventura County had two opportunities to express their policy stances in questionnaires: from YIMBY Action and Ventura County Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL, which advocates federal carbon fee-and-dividend policy). I am a member of both organizations and helped with both questionnaire processes and the Ventura County YIMBY endorsement process (I recused myself from endorsements in AD44 where I’m a candidate). Ventura County YIMBY endorsed candidates based on their responses to the YIMBY Action questionnaire; CCL does not endorse candidates. I believe a number of candidates would perform well, but as a matter of principle, I’m only voting for (and suggesting voting for) candidates who completed at least one of these two candidate questionnaires. Delegates play political roles, and their constituents deserve to know where they will stand on important issues.

Assembly District 37#

AD37 includes parts of northern Ventura County and Santa Barbara County.

  • Nicholas Begane supports both housing and carbon fee-and-dividend.

  • Diana Sparagna supports housing development and has put that support into action as a commissioner on the San Buenaventura (city of Ventura) Housing Authority.

Assembly District 38#

AD38 includes Simi Valley and parts of Los Angeles County.

  • Rebecca Albarran co-leads Ventura County YIMBY, running our partnerships and having recently represented us on a panel with Supervisor Carmen Ramirez.

  • Cassandra Douglas co-leads Ventura County YIMBY, boosting our organizing and media presence and promoting housing as a leader of Rise Simi Valley.

  • Phil Loos is a Ventura County YIMBY member and ran for city council in Simi Valley on a pro-housing agenda.

  • Ruth Luevanos is a Simi Valley city councilmember and strong supporter of Ventura County YIMBY.

  • Hilary Hall calls carbon fee-and-dividend “a logical step in making much needed changes in energy in order to protect our environment.”

  • Jodie Cooper supports carbon fee-and-dividend.

  • Jane Arakawa Fowler strongly supports housing, as well as enhancing public transportation.

  • Navroop Mann co-founded Rise Simi Valley, which supports and amplifies YIMBY’s message.

  • Kameren Chase Neal supports housing.

  • Gracie Pekrul supports housing.

  • Shawnee Badger supports housing.

Assembly District 44#

AD44 runs from Thousand Oaks to Oxnard. I live here, I’m running here, and I’ve done more research on candidates here than any other district. I’ve spoken with some other pro-housing candidates such as Josh Donner, David Pollock, and Michaela Perez, and I generally prefer their slate to the competing one, which is more DSA-aligned. However, I’m limiting my votes to candidates who submitted favorable YIMBY or CCL questionnaire responses. This includes candidates from both slates and independents like myself.

  • Max Ghenis is me. My website, has my platform and background.

  • Rebekah Sneha Daniel strongly supports the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, CCL’s federal carbon fee-and-dividend legislation.

  • Martha Martinez-Bravo strongly supports Citizens’ Climate Lobby and is generally supportive of new housing, while also being open about wanting to learn more about the issue.

  • Anthony Mireles is a union leader who supports housing.

  • Mercy Urrea is also a union leader who supports housing.

  • Orion Tripodis strongly supports carbon fee-and-dividend.

  • Alessandro Neri supports housing development and carbon fee-and-dividend.

  • Henry Montalvo chairs the Ventura County Democratic Party and generally supports policies that will increase the supply of housing.

  • Danny Chulack didn’t complete either questionnaire, but he completed the YIMBY questionnaire when he ran for Thousand Oaks City Council in November. He earned our endorsement with his strong responses, and I’m confident he’d support housing at the convention and on the Central Committee.